How To Choose A Right Way When Couple Looking For Third.

Speaking of couple looking for third, I think of Sartre, there is a name with him inseparable, that is, Simona. They are said to be enthusiastic about couple looking for third. Beauvoir is also the representative of the French existentialist thought movement, her famous "second nature" is the banner of contemporary feminist movement.
Beauvoir is the closest companion and friend of Sartre's life and career, and their relationship has been maintained for more than 50 years. They are not married, even have been separated, and in different times they often have their own lover, the couple also looking for third, but they both in life, academic or political life are inseparable. So in accordance with the true sense of the couple looking for third, a couple how to select a third party participant? Sex and life, tolerance and courtesy are important, especially at couple looking for third time. It is like chatting on the table and on the left and right sides, you have to pay attention evenly, take into account the two, can not let any side feel left out. "
How in the high society in the couple looking for third in a decent manner?
First of all, the standard of personal hygiene should be improved, and it is best to confirm that there is no sexually transmitted diseases before going to bed when couple looking for third. If couples looking for third for sex who want to do it at someone else's home, then you should first invite the owner, otherwise it will be regarded as rude. No matter where the 3some dating, you can only change the idea before undressing, once the kimono solution, exit is very polite practice. After the break, you can quickly leave, do not want to like a couple after the gentle, hug or eat breakfast the next day.
When couple looking for third with 3some, there is a very clear code of conduct: "When couple once again looking for third, such as at a party, watching their eyes, kissing their cheeks and saying hello , And behave casually. " However, although couple looking for third may be more and more popular among the elite, but not everyone agrees. "I think this is a bit of sex discrimination," says the sex column. "Most couples looking for third or women looking for couples, but they do not like the two men and a woman, and according to my understanding, I have heard that some couples invite third parties to 3some dating, one of which will be attracted to this new face, and sometimes will continue to carry the other half to continue to affair .3 has always meant that there is a little imperfect , One person will be ignored.